Funding Structure
*     No Insurance (Cash Pay)
*     Sliding Scale Fees based on Income
*     Insured Co-Pay can be Paid for you
*     Deductible
We Hope to ensure no one will ever be denied access to Mental Health Services
due to an inability to pay!
Our Mission

We offer financial assistance with Mental Health Counseling and Sex Therapy for individuals in need of help but unable to afford to receive it.

Most nonprofits focus on substance abuse, sexual abuse, and/or domestic violence.  Our mission goes beyond this to reach individuals who need mental health counseling as well as sex therapy services. Our Foundation provides financial assistance for Mental Health Counseling and Sex Therapy payment for services for individuals in need of help but who are unable to afford to pay for service or are unable to cover their insurance deductibles and/or copays.  ‚Äč

Our overall vision is to impact the lives of others in a positive way by helping make sure mental health care and sex therapy services are assessable to ALL individuals. Most importantly‚Ķ our youth who need Mental Health services the most! 
Several of our programs will form partnerships with local school districts, the Iredell court system, and Veterans Administration.  Our goal is to pay for essential services for those in the North Carolina Piedmont Region who would otherwise go without. We plan to grow to include mental health awareness programs and reach out to youth in crisis in the near future.