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Obtaining Corporate Donations for furthering our Goals.  Mental Health Counseling Professionals continue to join LKN We Care Foundation to offer their services.


More  and More  people volunteer for us each year and make a difference in the lives of thousands of individuals.  Join us and become a Volunteer.

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mission & vision

We provide funding for  Mental Health Counseling and Sex Therapy for individuals in need of help but unable to afford to receive services. 

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I'm so fortunate to be able to impact the lives of others in a positive way ... all while partnering with some of the most passionate and driven individuals on the globe. My commitment to helping provide mental health and sex therapy services has became a life-long journey. 
I want to help individuals receive mental health care and sex therapy services that
are unable to afford services! And to most importantly… reach our Youth who need us the most! Please contact us to help by volunteering, or with contributing, or providing media attention to our cause!

​Please be a Rainbow in Someone's Cloud!

         Dr. Patricia Littwin

Foundation History

2011 - Dr Patricia Littwin opens LKN Psychiatric Services and goes on a mission to provide mental health wellness which changes her life forever.

2013 - Dr Patricia launches LKN We Care, Inc. A Nonprofit Foundation to provide metal health care to individuals who are unable to afford services.

2014 - LKN We Care Foundation gains 501(c)3 status!  The Foundation grows to providing services for more than 950,000 individuals in Iredell and surrounding counties.

2015 to Present -  LKN We Care Foundation is recognized as one of the leading Nonprofit Foundations offering Mental Health Counseling and Sex Therapy in area. We continue to strive to raise money to be able to provide help to those in need with Mental Illness.

Dr. Patricia Littwin

PsyD, LPC, Licensed Sex Therapist, WPATH Gender Therapist, and Ordained Minister

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